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Pine B-C - Fencing on the north side of the brook only as promoted by one ex-member of the Friends approved by Belper Town Council and certain members of the Green Party

Advantages:-       None

Disadvantages:- 1) Tax payers foot the bill of around £18,000.

2) AVBC short of money, could not pay £140 for two skips to remove un-baled grass cuttings, and asked the Friends to pay £280 for two tourist road signs in last year.

3) Environment Agency approval needed. They require a 6-8 metre from the brook to the fencing for vehicular access.

4) Most visually intrusive of the two schemes

5) Significant disruption to Coppice Car Park whilst a pipe is laid under the car park from the Town Council’s workshop to trough in the wildflower meadow.

Line P-R Fencing on the south side of the brook promoted by the Friends

Advantage:- 1) Fully funded by the Friends of Belper Parks, at no cost to taxpayers

2) Best Option for the wildlife as all of the meadow will be grazed.

3) All  five Animal Welfare Council’s Five Freedoms of Farm Animals  provided including Freedom to act naturally

4) No possibility of cattle being without water. There is nothing to go wrong.  No Pipes, no taps ,no trough

5) Restores the Heritage of the site. Belper Parks is part of the World Heritage Site.

6) You will be able to walk alongside the brook

7) Allows access to the brook where children can play and learn about the pleasures and hazards of running water in a safe environment

8) The cattle graze areas of the meadow the farmer cannot reach with his mower

9) The cattle will trample the edges of the brook and so help maintain the small amount of wetland we have

10) The cattle will stop the spread of holly trees by eating the saplings on the north side of the brook.

11) No ongoing maintenance costs

12) Written permission from the Environment Agency in place

13) Fencing mostly out of sight

14) The Friends have all the funding in place

15) We will invite the local schools to bring their children when the cattle are in the meadow, to talk about why the cattle are there, the wildlife in the meadow and the rest of the Parks, and why the site is an important part of Belper’s Heritage, and a small part of our national history.

Disadvantages:- None - Cattle may urinate and  defecate in the brook. With 2-8 cattle for 6-8 weeks this is not a problem according to the Environment Agency. Fish eat small quantities of faeces, which is very nutritious if you like that sort of thing.