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Wildflowers - 2 Bird’s Foot Trefoil Red Clover, commonly seen in lawns and roadside verges Tormentil Common Mallow Cow Parsley and Buttercups, very common plants that visually compliment each other. White Dead Nettle, has one of the longest flowering seasons of all wildflowers. This is a favourite of Bees and Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock butterflies. This suffered a lot of damage when Coppice Car Park was upgraded, but is slowly making a comeback. White Campion has been in the Parks for many years. They often hybridises with Red Campion to produce pink flowers. Bush Vetch, one of the many vetch species in the Parks, most of which are struggling to survive where the grass is uncut, as the grass gets longer each year and can outgrow the Vetch, cutting off its light.